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Shiva Golzadeh

Her Story…

She was 26, sitting on a hospital bed, with a fractured rib, waiting for the doctor to stitch up her left eye.

It was not the first time it happened, and she knew it wasn’t going to be the last.


She was used to this feeling of worthlessness, shame, and self-hate.

She lived in sadness.

She couldn’t eat.

She couldn’t sleep.

She smoked a lot.

She drank her pain away.

She would walk home from work every day, scared because she did not know how the night would end.

For 4 years, domestic abuse had become her reality.

She knew she had to get out. She just had a baby, and this was not what she envisioned a family to be. But she was scared to leave because she was afraid that she would be even more alone if she did.

Fear had become her closest confidant.

One day, as she was walking down the aisle of her local library, the comforting smell of old books warmed her nostrils.

Happy childhood memories were starting to flood her thoughts, slowly marinating with the confused thoughts of what she was going to do with her life, with herself, and with her newborn.

This was not a life she wanted to live anymore.

While she was lost in translation, out of nowhere, a book from the top of the shelf dropped right on her head!

This was the moment that would change her life forever!

Her heart pounding. She picked up the book. Read the cover.

The Power of Positive Thinking

She took the book home that day, read it cover to cover and her whole world shifted!

Within 4 weeks, she built up the courage and strength to leave her marriage.

With fear & excitement wrapped into one, she packed her bags, took her 18 mth old and walked away from the self-destructive behaviors that nearly took her life.

And she never looked back.

Finally, she was safe & free.

But other than her name, she didn’t know who she was anymore.

For years, she was feeling so tired & so anxious.

All she wanted was to feel happy & loved.

That was the girl I used to be.

A New Beginning 🍒

In 2011, I met my spiritual teachers and my self-healing journey began.

And it certainly was not an easy one!

Apart from a renewed faith that I found in the Most High, I had to find the courage within to start forgiving and doing the internal work which led to getting certified in therapeutic counseling, crystal therapy & energy healing.

All the work I have done over the last decade with my students and clients has inspired this blog and I want to share the tools that can help you find self-love and self-acceptance through a mindset shift and help slow down the spinning hamster wheel of your life.

I’m so passionate to share these tools with you because I know they work!


You will find articles on this blog to help you elevate your mindset, improve your health & wellness & if you’re looking to make additional income, I got some great tips for you too!

Yes, the journey will require you to be very honest with yourself.

Yes, it will require you to start forgiving & giving yourself permission to start the inner journey without judgment.

And Yes, it is possible to change your reality!

A lot of what I teach is also in my free Facebook group & we would luv to have you there with us.

I certainly hope that you will find lots of value in the upcoming pages, so browse away 😉

Much luv,

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