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Why should you become a Modere consultant, aka social marketer? Because the world is shifting to online and social retail is the new wave!

In 2020, the pandemic hit, and life changed as we knew it. With the restrictions and the home-bound regulations, more than ever, people started hitting online shopping for most of their essential needs, myself included! 

Online shopping is why social marketing, affiliate marketing, and even starting an online business are becoming the new wave!

The social retail/affiliate model has been around for some time, and it’s not too late to get in on it now.

Let me start with this common question: is Modere a pyramid scheme?

Answer: No, Modere is not a pyramid scheme. It’s quite the opportunity!

Modere is not a company where you need to be in momentum to experience success. That means you don’t need to worry about the company not surviving. For example, did you know that 97% of start-up network marketing companies barely survive their first five years, whereas Modere has been around for +30 years?

How It All Started

In March 2020, soon after the pandemic hit and everything closed down, I was approached by three girlfriends of mine with the opportunity to join each of them in network marketing.

Network marketing was new to me. I had heard of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing (MLM) but was never interested in any of it, yet this time, something was different. 

I couldn’t explain it, but something about the opportunity of creating another source of income appealed to me.

After being in the pandemic for the last year & watching so many lose their jobs, I just couldn’t bet all my eggs into one basket anymore.

So I signed up with all three companies!

I know, that was cray cray, and I don’t recommend you do that.

That being said, it was one of the best decisions I could have made!

It was like an insider sneak peek into this new world & I got to see how different teams and companies operated, what kind of company culture they had, and I got to meet some pretty incredible team leaders.

But this threesome journey lasted only three months. So after that, I decided to partner with just Modere.

Modere Is A Great Opportunity For Moms

What would you do if I told you that your life could improve for the best by the end of this post?  Would you believe me or take a deep breath and keep scrolling? If it’s the latter, then you’re in the right place, Sis’.

I know all about the chaos of juggling a family, a j.o.b. and a business, all the while trying to keep a healthy mental/emotional/physical balance. It’s a tough one, honey, I know, but it is doable when you have systems in place! 

The Modere opportunity is perfect for stay-at-home or working moms because of the duplicatable system.

I enjoy helping other mamas create multiple streams of income!

That was the reason I decided to partner with Modere.

There is no need to have house parties, no bothering your friends and family, and no spammy-butt-hole messages in people’s inboxes.

As an independent Modere consultant or social marketer, you have the opportunity to brand yourself, set your hours, set your schedule, and you can start making money from home. Then, you begin sharing the things you love with other women through social media and other online outlets.

The great thing about partnering with Modere as a social marketer is that you can thrive by sharing just the products alone, and if you decide to later on, you can start sharing the business opportunity too.

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Why Become A Modere Consultant

I never planned on becoming a social marketer; Social marketing found me! 

At the time, I was going through some pretty rough patches.

A relationship had ended; our business closed due to the pandemic, my son had to start homeschooling, and I had a full-time customer service gig!

To top it off, I was beginning to question my whole existence (hello!!! Soon-to-be-40yr-old-mid-life crisis alert!). 

But it seemed that God had other plans for me because that’s when I was approached with the opportunity.

A simple duplicatable 3 step system!

What makes Modere so different from the other companies is their simple duplicatable 3 step system!

Look how simple it is:

Step 1 Add the person to a team group

Step 2 Tag that person in the product info they showed interest in 

Step 3 Follow up with that person & share with them your affiliate link with the promo code attached

Rinse & Repeat!

Here’s what my friend said about her experience:

When I had asked my friend about the business opportunity at Modere, she invited me to a group, tagged me in some information, and sent me a message letting me know she would check in once I did a little independent research!

Guess what? That’s how we all signed up!

Yup! It’s THAT SIMPLE and not-salesy at all!


The Vision

I saw a model that could help women make some extra money with the potential of one day supplementing their full-time income #mompreneurlifestyle

Once I was inside the team with all the other consultants and social marketers, I saw people winning from all walks of life.

Winning can mean something very different from one person to another.

But everyone was having fun!

No inventory. No 3- way calls. No home parties. No spamming about products all over social media. No cold messaging!

This felt right!

If you are driven, ready to get uncomfortable to grow & have at least 1-2 hours a day to invest in this new venture, you can do this too! 

What You Should Ask Before Joining A Network Marketing Company

To help you feel confident about joining the right company, I created a checklist of 10 questions you should ask before joining a network marketing company.

Download Your Free Checklist

The 5 Benefits Of Becoming A Consultant Aka Social Marketer

1. You’re The Boss

Ok, let’s be clear about one thing before we move on.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. This will require you to put in the time, and with any business, you will have to do the work before you get the payout, but it’s the journey that makes it all the sweeter!

Being your own boss means setting up your own schedule and getting organized.

It also means that you can finally take control of your vision and not miss out on any more special days.

Who doesn’t want that?

2. Creative Outlet

Social media has become a massive outlet for creativity. You have the opportunity to create your own content like never before, and you can express yourself in ways that were not possible just years ago.

It’s also a way of interacting and impacting hundreds or even thousands of people with your voice.

The best part is, you also have complete control over your branding and marketing.

One of my favorite tools to create the images on my website and social posts is Canva. You can start creating beautiful professional designs in no time. Here is a unique link for you to try CanvaPro free for 30 days.

I also really like Creative Market. From fonts to templates to designs, you can spend a whole day browsing this site! Guilty!

3. Personal Development

Whether it’s learning a new skill, taking on a new goal, or just finding ways to make your life more fulfilling and engaging, every new challenge becomes an opportunity for personal growth.

The beauty of network marketing is that it allows you to come out of your shell and keep growing and changing as often as you need to.

Since I started this journey, I have grown so much, simply by listening to audiobooks on my walks or when I run errands. Here is a list of my favorites!

4. Mentors & New Friends

Since the pandemic hit in 2019, and everything had to shut down, socialization dramatically dropped.

Sometimes, that felt very lonely, but having this community of people from around the world supporting and rooting for you, has been the best part of the experience.

And the mentors! We have some of the best in the industry, and they are rooting for your success.

The people there are just like you and me: real people, real support, real culture.

5. Free Training

As I mentioned before, we have some of the best industry leaders on our team. The amount of free training and resources you get is insane!

You’ll get top training from experts, industry leaders, and coaches who have succeeded in this business. These are training that people pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for, and you have access to all of this for free once you partner up with me.

What Makes Modere So Different

Social Marketer Woman

1. Culture

Hands down, one of the reasons I chose Modere was the team culture. Everyone is celebrated for their activity and being part of a movement, regardless of their rank or achievements!

Just the mentorship and the amazing friendships I have built at Modere have been worth the journey.

2. Built-in Referral System 

This is at the heart of Social Retail.

Referrals are an essential part of building a residual income with ease vs. constant hustle with any company. Plus, Modere has a genius system set up to benefit both customers AND the social marketer. Aww yeah!!!

Customers and consultants receive a Share The Love affiliate link to Then, when a customer shares that link, they give their friend $10 off, and they get $10 in product credit toward their Modere goodies! This is the same system used by brands like Stitch Fix, Gilt, and Uber to generate customers through social referrals.

Modere consultants are paid the same way on all referral purchases; INFINITE lines down. That means if your friend shares with their friend and that friend shares with their Auntie and so on, you get paid for ALL of those sales!!!

Customers appreciate the chance to earn their products for a discount or possibly free each month, and the Modere consultant benefits by making commissions from those purchases too!

Here’s a quick video that explains it all:

3. Customer-Centered

Because of the referral system and customers who LOVE their Modere products, 85%+ of Modere’s revenue comes from customer sales. Yup, NOT from marketer purchases, sign-up kits, etc., like most network marketing companies.

At Modere, we have a 10:1 customer to consultant ratio! Our job is to share the products we love and point people to a retail website where they can snag some up for themselves & get product credits for sharing with their friends.

4. Attraction Marketing

You won’t see the name of Modere products or the company name splattered all over social media.

As a Modere Consultant, all you have to do is authentically share your experience and results about the products via social media, and we show you how to do that!

You will be the HUNTED instead of the Hunter! Meaning, when you join me, I will direct you to the right places to start learning how you can attract people to you instead of chasing them.

5. Daily Pay 

The best thing about Modere is their dual-sided compensation plan, where you can decide to build a team or focus on sharing your favorite Modere product lines and build a customer pod.

And sales are paid out in DAILY PAY!

Make a new sale = money deposited straight to your bank account, on the same day!

6. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is great because you can start making additional streams of income.

Suppose you are interested in blogging or maybe even becoming a social media influencer. In that case, affiliate marketing is the best way to share the benefits of the products you love to use, and you get paid a % commission if someone takes your recommendation and makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Because there is no team-building required here, this is totally doable!

We have the on-ramping system, training, resources, and systems in place to help you get started. All you need is a willingness to learn and put in the work!

What Products Does Modere Sell

Mōdere has a variety of non-toxic, clean living products. Here is a few of my favorite:

Modere has clean versions of everyday products that you and your customers need and probably already purchase at Target, Walmart, or Amazon, anyway. Not only are Modere products safe and natural, but the products are patented, and you just can’t get this quality anywhere else!

Because we have a wide range of lifestyle products, you can attract a broad customer and potential business partner base. In addition, you can choose to share the products that most authentically works with your lifestyle!


Toxic-Free Packaging

Modere peanut packaging

It’s not just their products that are toxic-free; the packaging is too.

The peanut fillers are not polystyrene. It is made from corn starch, and they are biodegradable!

You can run them underwater and watch them dissolve, then empty the water in your garden. Some of our customers have sworn of the positive benefits they saw in their garden crops!

What is the difference between Social Retail & Traditional MLM

Why Social Retail – Why Now

What is Modere’s Compensation Plan

How To Get Started As A Modere Consultant


Quick Note!

 If you are ready to start and would like to be on my team, send me a message HERE & type “SPONSOR ID” so I can send you my Sponsor ID & the correct sign-up link for your market. You can also email me at We currently have team members in the U.S., Australia, Europe, Canada, and now India!

Ready? Great!

Follow these simple steps to get started on my team as a Modere Consultant:

Step 1: Let’s Get You Enrolled!

If you’re in the USA click here

If you’re in Canada click here

*message me for the link if you’re from another market.

The annual Social Marketer fee is only $39.99. This includes access to the apps and websites you’ll need to run your business. This amount will be automatically added to your cart.

Modere enrollment page

Step 2: Pick A Starter Pack

Modere XM Launch Packs

To start, you will need to choose a starter pack.

You can choose between the X.M. Launch Pack, Basic Pack, or Essential Pack. If you need help selecting a pack, it will be my pleasure to help you out. Just send me an email at

The X.M. Launch Packs are definitely the best bang for your buck. This also comes with a $200 credit in Live Clean Products and a ticket to Modere’s Annual Social Retail Conference!

X.M. packs qualify you to earn a Modere Experience (an iWatch, iPad, weekend getaway, or a shopping spree!).

You can also choose a Basic or Essential pack at a lower price point, but they don’t come packed with as much additional value as the X.M. Launch Packs!

You also have the option to add items a la carte to create your own first order. Just remember, you’ll need a minimum of 250 points in your first calendar month to be eligible to earn a Modere Experience.

Modere enrollment page

Step 3: Set Up Smartship

Next, you have to select your Smart Ship order of 75 points or more to qualify for a commission as a social marketer. That will be your order for the following month. You can set your Smart Ship for any day of the month. You will only get charged the next month after you sign up.

Modere enrollment page Step 3

Step 4: Complete Your Enrollment

Please make sure you see my name as your sponsor to be on my team, and now you are all set to complete your enrollment!

Modere enrollment page Step 3 -

Step 5: Let’s Be Friends

When that’s all done, I’ll receive a notification that you’re part of the crew!

Please send me a friend request on Facebook (Shiva Golzadeh) right away so that I can get you plugged into our amazing community & step-by-step training, including our Proven Launch Plan to get you off to a successful start!

Being a Modere Social Marketer is seriously lots of fun, and I’m so excited for you to experience it all with me! I look forward to getting to know you and finding out what your goals are.

Important Note!

If you are ready to start and would like to be on my team, send me a message HERE & type “SPONSOR ID” so I can send you my Sponsor ID & the correct sign-up link for your market. You can also email me at We currently have team members in the U.S., Australia, Europe, Canada, and now India!


Where Does Modere Ship Their Products?

Modere operates in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, and India. 

Does Modere Have A Return Policy?

Modere offers a 30-day, 100% full refund, empty bottle guarantee on all Modere products, minus the cost of shipping.

Can I Make Money As A Modere Consultant aka Social Marketer?

Of course, you can! If you are coachable, willing to learn something new, and put in the work, you can make money. (*success is not guaranteed)

How Long Before I see Results?

That depends on you. The more you are consistent and willing to learn and implement, the quicker you will see results.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Modere Business?

The Social Marketer enrollment fee is $39.99. We recommend you get an X.M. starter pack to try the products so you can love them too!

How Do I Start As A Social Marketer?

Easy! When you are ready to become a Modere Consultant, click here to sign up.

Note:  If you are ready to start and would like to be on my team, send me a message HERE & type “SPONSOR ID” so I can send you my Sponsor ID & the correct sign-up link for your market. You can also email me at

I hope this article gave you an idea of what to expect from partnering with Modere, me, and the team. So whether you are looking to replace a full-time income or add an additional stream of income by sharing clean living products through affiliate marketing – we got you!

Do you have any more questions about partnering with Modere? Leave a comment on this post or email me at

Much Luv,

Shiva Golzadeh

P.S. We would love to have you join us in Self-Care Mastery Group. It’s a Free Facebook group where I share inspiration & actionable tips for the busy working mom. Looking forward to seeing you there! 🍒